#97 The interesting thing about…

Pressure. Sometimes we experience pressure in life. Even with careful planning and forethought, stuff just happens and events can snowball. Pressure can be either positive, or negative, depending upon whether I choose to react it or to respond to it. When I’m already overwhelmed, I’m more likely to react, and that usually ends up being negative. I do whatever I can to ensure I don’t get overwhelmed. Trying to make sure I’m enjoying life and doing things I love. I’m happier and I’m able to share that around. A bonus is, I’m far less likely to react and I’m better at responding to situations and the people around me with kindness and calmness.

Skills such as the ability to prioritise and my personal favourite, breaking things down into smaller chunks or just separating things out time wise, help incredibly when life feels hectic.

We get to choose how we respond to situations. Sometimes, just acknowledging that to myself, helps me to embrace calmness in the moment. xo

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