#99 Craving Comfort

Actually I was craving full on flavour! So I made a chicken curry for dinner and it really ticked all the boxes 😉 So full of flavour and warmth and just yum in general. The way the potato absorbs the scrumptiousness of the sauce/gravy is the best experience. I didn’t take photos or note down my recipe because I was hungry. It’s a curry I make intuitively because it’s one I’ve been making for many years now. It’s a household favourite like spaghetti bolognese. I always have the ingredients and I just enjoy cooking it as well eating it.

My mama speaks Swahili and their is a word for the sauce/gravy and I know how to say it but have no idea how to spell it. It’s the perfect word for it too! Even though I was born in England and grew up in London until the age of 11, Swahili was spoken around and though I picked up some words and got quite good at understanding what was being said, I never spoke it myself. I used to love hearing my mum and nana talking to each other. I know all of swear words of course! Sometime my mum will speak to me in Swahili because she knows I understand her. It’s usually something highly inappropriate and hilariously funny. Love my mama so much! Getting super excited because she’s coming to stay over Easter!

I learnt to make chicken curry from my mum and I always think of her when I’m making it. When she comes to visit, the kids and I always request hers 🙂 To this day my mum’s cooking is always the best. xo

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