#103 Things Change

Being okay with change means being able to accept that circumstances are not set in stone. We are always in a state of flux and that itself can be comforting when you are able to go with the flow of life. Situations are ever changing. Sometimes quickly, other times slowly. All of it is okay. There are times it feels difficult and uncomfortable. When this happens I can look at a situation from many perspectives and find something redeeming about it. Maybe that means I’m an optimistic person? One of the nicest compliments I ever received was from one of my kids, who informed me that I’m the most enthusiastic person 😉 He wasn’t trying to compliment me, we were having a conversation about something or other, and it was just an interjection, but it was so sweet. It’s easy in life become disheartened when things are hard. Those are the times to really take notice of all the love in our lives. Give love. Everyday. xo

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