#104 Old Bananas, a Sad Carrot and Zombies

Okay the plan for the old, overripe bananas to become part of a loaf went astray. Instead they became some nice fluffy banana fritters that I made while we had visitors. They are always good and by the time they were ready, my morning coffee had gone cold, so they were intact, perfect!

Lunchtime came and I saw some leftover cold rice in the fridge. Added some cold cooked chicken, spring onions past their best, a green capsicum, a lonely carrot, a few rashers off bacon, half an onion and a cup full of peas and corn from the freezer. I sliced up the bacon thinly and added that to the sauté pan along with a little olive oil. I sliced up the onion and added that into the pan too with a knob of butter. I added some crushed ginger and garlic and a little more butter. While that cooked along, I diced up the capsicum and sliced up the spring onions and decided a sliced fresh red chilli was also a good idea. I grated the lonely carrot and I sliced up the cooked chicken and added everything to the pan. During all of this, I kept stirring occasionally 🙂 I made sure my cold rice was all separated and plonked it all into the sizzling pan of goodness! I combined the rice into all the other ingredients. Yum! It was time to crack four or so eggs into a bowl with a little salt and pepper. I had a helper for that bit. My kids love cracking eggs 🙂 They were whisked nicely and put into another frying pan to make a plain omelette. While that was cooking, I put the frozen veggies into the pan with the fried rice. I always have Shao Xing and Soy Sauce so put a little of both into the fried rice. Meanwhile the omelette was done so I just scored it into little squares and then sprinkled that eggy goodness into the fried rice, gave it all a last turn about the pan. Turned off the heat and sprinkled a little sesame oil on top and voila! It was ready and it was so, so good.

For dinner we had home made Ramen. It was yum too. I made it with the stock I lovingly produced the other day for this express purpose. It wasn’t a genuine Japanese ramen by any stretch but it was tasty. I used thinly sliced chicken breasts, spring onions, boy choy and fresh bean sprouts. I topped mine with some chilli oil from the Dragon Palace restaurant. I love that stuff and have decided that when my supply is finally depleted, I’m going to try making some 🙂

Yesterday I watched a whole season of a new Zombie series called Black Summer on Netflix. I took care of my to do list in the morning, so after lunch someone suggested watching a show. So that’s exactly what we did. A perfect thing to do when people are down with virus/cold and not feeling the best. We hadn’t intended to watch the whole thing but it was so good that we’d have an interval here and there, and we just kept going 🙂 Anyway if you like the Zombie Apocalypse theme this is the show for you 🙂

I also finished another novel called Creature Comforts by Trisha Ashley. I really enjoyed it and I’ve never read anything by the author before. I’ll definitely check at the library and see if they have any others. I started a new one last night called Wallflower in Bloom by Claire Cook. Another new to me author, and so far it’s really good. I’m often attracted to books by the cover art, this one though has a photograph rather than cover art but something, maybe the colours, and the blurb inside the front cover, made me grab it. I’m so glad I did! I always read about the author in the back sleeve and I love that Claire Cook wrote her first novel at 45 in her mini-van 🙂 Seriously, how awesome!! xo

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