#109 Social Media

Is it weird to reply to people you don’t personally know via Twitter or instagram posts they share? I mean obviously they share and post for a reason. If the person is asking directly for a response, is it still weird to respond? I’m often unsure about the etiquette of the whole scene. Maybe I’m over thinking it? I just wondered if it’s stalker type behaviour if I reply to one of my fave musicians instagram posts, which asked followers for a response? Okay this is not a hypothetical and generally I ask my kids for advice because they know this stuff 🙂 I actually have responded to well known people I admire that I don’t actually know in real life 😉 I mean, Imagine if all the people you admire were actually in your circle. How cool would it be to swap recipes with your fave cook/chef, or talk arrangements with your most admired musician. When you think about it the world really is a small place.

Is it okay to just be myself on social media, because I’m myself all the time, or do I need to tone myself down or something? I mean I wouldn’t be awful or anything, because I try to be a nice human at all times. It’s just I had this funny thought stream. I imagined myself as being a well known person. Well known for something positive. Not like completely famous to the point where ninety percent of the current population over the age of, say eight years, knows your name etc. but you know just well known. So I could still get around incognito if I wanted to. I wondered what it would be like tweeting a tweet or posting an Instagram post and having people respond to it. How does that feel? Is it weird? I wonder if new connections are ever made this way, I mean surely it must happen sometimes. Does anyone else think about this stuff? Honestly it might sound funny, but I remember being worried about a semi-famous person (okay probably more than semi) and sending a message of support through the YouTube comments section because I was genuinely concerned for their wellbeing. Granted the person most likely never even read it, and I’m not a complete moron, I do realise that, yet I felt compelled to do it anyway. So I guess that makes me pretty weird. So I’m a caring weirdo I guess! I can live with that 😉

credit: quotedthinking

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