#110 When things go wrong…

Could also be called when things don’t go as planned :/

Mama and I had an outing planned for today with one kid coming along. The others were still a bit unwell, so they stayed home with my husband. We knew we had a fair bit of running around to do in preparation for a birthday on Sunday.

The plan was to intersperse the birthday shopping with lunch and a reflexology massage. My first mistake was forgetting my phone in the car, which we left at the train station to travel into the city. This meant I didn’t have access to my banking. I was just getting my head around that when the transit guards came in and asked everyone to show their tickets, which we did as a matter of course. I was feeling a little flustered by this point, which is unusual for me. So we got through that and I didn’t worry about not having my phone because it didn’t really matter while we were in the city and I managed to work around that, so all was well. We had a nice lunch at a little Japanese place called Taka’s. Mama had to pick up some of her favorite perfume from a department shop, as she can’t get it where she lives. We got that done and then headed off to a favorite Chinese massage place in the city and had an hour reflexology. I fell asleep and snored as usual. We left there and walked back to the station and got on the next train. We quickly got back out before it moved as my offspring had forgotten her phone at the massage place. Yikes! We called up and they had it, which was great. We walked back and picked it up.

By this time I realized we’d be cutting it close time wise as we still had to go our favorite music shop to pick up a double kick pedal for a bass drum, and then we’d need to make it back to the station my car was parked at.

Mama came up with the idea of grabbing an Uber to the music shop and then back to the station to pick up my car! Brilliant idea!! We made it back to my car, I was happily reunited with my phone 😉 Then we headed to the big shopping Centre to pick up a Nintendo Switch and game, a cool little SpongeBob pixel lamp and a bag of Skittles. We grabbed wrapping paper and a card. We’d done it! And in plenty of time 🙂

That old saying, “all’s well that end’s well” definitely applies 🙂 xo.

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