#117 Party quietly in my Pj’s

Saturday night. I’m still not better, but I know I will be eventually, so that’s a plus. I haven’t been very active today, got a few things done and then just had a rest. Got busy watching videos on YouTube, had a look around the web, did no cooking at all. Luckily I’m not the only adult home today 🙂 I was just trying to think of a nickname, some kind of moniker for my husband and decided to google it 😉 Yes I am that dork. Frankly, some of them are disturbing. Here are a few examples for you: Alpha, Big Boy, Bad Boy, Beast, Big Daddy…..No no no! none of those will do. Ever. I’m not writing cheesy erotica here, just other stuff. I just thought, you know, that it might be better than writing “my husband” all the time. I mean I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me using his name. Anyway, the point is I’m lucky as he’s at home this weekend, which means I can rest up, knowing that he’s got things covered. I really hope I’m feeling better tommorow and in the mean time I’m happy he’s here. xo

Here’s a cat picture, just because, life is better with cats 🙂

Levi 🙂

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