#119 Hot Water Bottle

In bed with my hot water bottle. Its got a furry soft cover and honestly it’s warmth is exquisite. Today I decieded to cook something different. There were some chicken breasts in the fridge so that was my inspiration. I remebered making Delia Smith’s Chicken Paprika and toyed with the idea of that except using the chciken breasts instead of a whole jointed chicken. But then I recalled a recipe for Fricasee of chicken and thought yum! I want that! I looked around the web for recipes and settled on one by Titli Nihan from YouTube. Her channel is so great and I’ve used lots of her recipes over the years. I don’t think she uploads anymore, but her recipes are all still available on YouTube and also her website.

Here is Delia 🙂 just in case your curious about the recipe I mentioned.

Love Delia. I still love my copy of her book Delia’s Complete Cookery Course, it’s a cooking classic.

So back to the fricassee. Next time I make it I’ll probably make the roux separately, while the onions are sauteing in the butter and olive oil. I liked Titli’s recipe for it’s simplicity. It was simple and the reslts were delicious. If I make this when I have more time I will definitley try it with jointed chicken, skin on and bone in. If I had my choice I would defintley put mushrooms in, like the recipe. Unfortunately for me, some of my people are not fond of them. Still it was yum! I did some baked potatoes and green peas for sides. xo

Here is Titli’s recipe 🙂 So good!

I also made some scones for breakfast and they were pretty good with butter, jam and a cup of coffee. xo

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