#121 Meatballs

I finally caved today and went to see my Doctor. He’s a lovely person and a really great GP. I had to go anyway to pick up prescriptions, as I’m running low and I already owed my Pharmacist a couple. So along with the prescriptions for my regular medications, I got a friendly reminder that I was supposed to have gone back earlier for something. Honestly I can’t even remember. All this regular medication and frequent doctor visits is still relatively new for me, except for blood pressure medication. I’ve had weird blood pressure for a long time and at the end of 2015 my cardioligist decided I ought to have a loop monitor which is inserted inside my chest next to my heart. I haven’t seen him since that due to other extenuating circumstances in my life. Yes I know thats pretty bad, and I am planning to go and see him this year at some point because when I saw my Neurologist he said my cardiologist needs to check my heart is keeping proper rhythm. Seriously, when read all of that it sounds like someone else and not me. All the various speacialists who are Consultants tell me that I’m too young to have these issues, and I agree 😉

I usually laugh when that’s said and make some joke that I ought to have lived some crazy lifestyle. Needless to say, I haven’t. So back to my GP visit. He also gave me a course of antibiotics, so I picked them up and I’ve started them. I go back on Sunday. Anyway at least I’ll be feeling better so thats good. He’s always really kind and asks how the family is, I know he’s our doctor, but he just goes out of his way.

It’s currently midnight. I’m writing so late because one of the kids split some drink in the hallway and them cleaned it up, but slipped on the wetness that was left and my husband has taken her to the hospital for an x-ray. Im in contact via text and they are still waiting for the x-ray but she has been triaged etc. She also has the cold/flu at the moment and I was planing to take her to the doctor’s tommorow to make sure there is no infection. None of the other kids are settled as they are waiting and worried.

Completely unrelated, I made some meatballs tonight. I used some chicken mince mixed with turkey mince. Added loads of spices, an egg and some leftover panko breadcrumbs. I was using up what I had in the freezer. They were really yummy. I had planned to keep them and make into a curry tommorow with some boiled eggs. It was a good idea except most of them got eaten. I might come back to this post another time and write the recipe up. Right now I’m going to close my eyes for a little while. xo

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