#122 Being Organised

All was well last night with the kiddo. I’m glad to say there was no break or fracture and we went to the doctors today, to get her flu/cold checked too. There was no infection but he decided some antibiotics would be a good idea just in case. So that’s that!

I did an online grocery shop today and it will be delivered tomorrow in time for the weekend. I went a little overboard. I stocked up on tinned items as I like having a good store. Also got some butternut pumpkin to make soups with. I’m excited about the shopping. Weird I know 😉 I’ve got a decent idea of the meals I’ll be making for the coming week and I’m on track with other things. I feel like I’m organised enough which is great 🙂 I’m still in shock that it’s May already.

Today I cooked some Dahl and rice. Forgot to take pictures, but it was delicious. It’s a dish I make very often. It’s easy and tasty.

We all have our lives, and yet we exist together, in these times where the future seems so uncertain. I hope your part of the world is peaceful and wish you happiness, wherever you may be. xo

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