#124 Sweet Saturday

First things first, if you have Netflix I can highly commend the series Street Food. It is so much more than the title suggests. It’s full of incredible stories of amazing human beings. Poignant stories of human triumph over all sorts of adversity and loads of delicious food. I loved every episode I’ve seen so far. I got some reading in this morning and I’ve gotten some writing done, plus some housework. Tomorrow my plan for the morning is to get some work done early and then I’m going to do some cooking and some meal planning. I’m trying keep within my budget as I’m already saving for Christmas. I’m always saving for multiple reasons and causes, these include a car service, my registration, birthdays, money for fun stuff.

Today I was able to buy one of the kids some more fish for his tropical aquarium, along with a new heater, which it turns out is a dud and has to be exchanged tommorow. He has been keeping fish for a few years and he loves them very much. He has quite an interest in all sorts of marine life and animals in general. It felt really good to be able to take him into the pet shop and watch him talk to the lady about the fish he has, the ones he would like to get, and the general consideration he put into the whole excercise. He was very careful to make sure all the fish could live happily together, that none would be aggressive, did he need to have males and females, did they share the same requirements tempersture wise. It was super cool 🙂

I just felt lucky today, maybe the right word is blessed? Maybe it was gratitude? I only know it’s good 🙂 xo.

Tesla 🙂

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