#125 My Aching Feet

I’m not sure what I’ve been doing today, although I’m certain I could recall the details if necessary, but most of it must have been standing up. My feet are actually throbbing. The heels ache. It’s so weird to be writing about it, but honestly, I can’t work it out. Maybe it’s some weird weather thing? It just started raining, so maybe, even though it’s sort of cold, it’s been humid? I don’t know. Whatever, they hurt 😉

My cold/flu thing is much better so I’ve been feeling pretty good. I came to write as always without any plan in mind. My first thought after my feet fiasco was about dumplings. Not sweet dumplings in caramel sauce wiht ice cream kind of dumplings, not chicken and dumplings or stew and dumplings, but Chinese dumplings. Particularly Xiaolongbao or Bao for short, they are delicious soup filled dumplings and I’m obsessed with getting some.

I’ve decided that’s what I want for Mother’s Day. I want to eat dumplings, mainly Bao, but I’m open to enjoying a selection 😉 And I want to have a movie day with my family. So family, food, movies 🙂 Sounds like fun to me. To this end, I am busily researching the best dumpling joints in the city of Perth. You know, now that I remebered pudding dumplings that you make Golden Syrup caramel for, and eat warm with vanilla ice cream, I’m kind of getting a craving 😉

This is what my cats do when I think I’m going to get stuff done early 😉 My old cat Fizzy isn’t in the picture because she can’t jump this high anymore. You’ll be pleased to know she was happily sleeping elsewhere. xo

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