#129 Too little sleep…

The past three nights have been lacking sleep wise. I must admit that the dreams I’m having when I do manage to get to sleep are pretty interesting. You know that saying “every cloud has a silver lining” ? Well I guess the dreams are the silver lining. What does that even mean? why would a cloud have any lining at all? Looks like I’ll have to find out where that saying came from.

Tonight for dinner I made a Korean Curry. It’s pretty much the same method as Japanese Kare Rice, it just uses a Korean made packet or block. of roux, rather than a Japanese one. It was yum and just what I felt like. The carrots were sweet and the potato cubes were met in your mouth. I used some pork that I had in the freezer and it was very tender.

Im pretty certain I’ll have some for breakfast, unless there are some crumpets left. Now it’s time to chase that elusive sleep. xo

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