#139 Back to the Drama

The movie was great! We all really enjoyed it and I will always remember the reference to climate change, when Pikachu, who is voiced by Ryan Reynolds, exclaims “At this point, how can you not believe in climate change!” The kids picked up on it too and we had quite a nice time doing our usual critique of the movie.

Mr Notebook (my new pseudonym for my husband) made dinner and I folded the mountain of clean washing that has been piled up on our bedroom floor. A fair trade I think, and a good division of labour 🙂 Teamwork!

Everyone is in bed early tonight. This means I can get back to watching my Korean Drama. It’s called Romance is a Bonus Book. It’s on netflix and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been thinking about dinner tomorrow night too. I’m going to do a Thai Beef Massaman Curry in the slow cooker. Well that’s the plan at the moment anyway. Tuesday night we’ll probably have Dahl and rice. For now I’m off to watch the drama unfold. xo

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