#140 No idea

Basically I’m here again with no idea of what to write about. Not a very auspicious beginning to a post, and not the first time I’ve begun in this way either. Yet here I am. I’ve thought about a few things I’d like to say. The first is how very dissapointed I am with the election results. Unbelievable to me that the majority of people want more of the same and don’t feel strongly enough about the issues that really matter to vote for positive change. In the least, a chance for positive change. It confounds me that people will choose profit at any cost. My heart is actually heavy with it. I worry for the future of my children. It won’t be the wealthy who suffer, it will be everyone else. Starting with the poorest from the less developed nations. Nations who have less than us, but are already leading the way when it comes to instigating change in implementing the use of more sustainable energy sources.

It is those with less, the more vulnerable world citizens who suffer first. It’s already happening and it breaks my heart. It is so wrong. When did we stop caring about each other more than we care about money? And who am I anyway that anybody would listen to what I have to say? It really was a shock to me that the majority of people voted the way they did. I feel like I’ve been cheated in a way. I thought people understood. Maybe I am naive believing that there was hope for change. It seems like everyone just wants to continue on in the same way, living in a false state of blissful ignorance.

I do realise we need to move beyond the doom and gloom and focus on solutions. I know there are many brilliant people already working on adaptation technologies and such. So I shift my energy to learning about possible strategies for surviving in future times and living happily in the now with the people that I love. I probably sound slightly unhinged and I’m alright with that! I still have faith in humanity because there is a huge force for good among us. I still believe that most of us are good. At the core, we are all people, sharing a common existence. Love to you. xo

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