#142 Making Changes

I’m seriously thinking of starting a physical fitness challenge. I’ve never really been an exercise kind of person so I don’t know too much about it. I will be having an appointment with an exercise physiologist through the diabetes education program I’m in, so I know that will help. I need some kind of plan for working out and nutrition that I can follow easily and do at home. I’m kind of excited about it. I think getting started is the hardest thing. I’ve just seen fitness challenge online, it’s pretty full on I think. You have to have protein shakes and stuff and it goes for 12 weeks. I’m so tempted to sign up. I know it makes more sense to start after I see the exercise physiologist because he said he will make a fitness plan and nutrition plan with me. I think I’ll see how that goes first becuase they already know about my health etc. I honestly want to get fit and be strong and feel healthy. Wish me luck bceause I said this type of thing does not come naturally to me. xo

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