#144 Faith in Humanity

Quite a lofty title, I admit, but wait until I tell you about what I came across today. A story about a tragedy, interwoven with human kindness, an instagram page and my favorite, human triumph over adversity. One thing I love about human beings is our ability to make something good out of something bad, a positive out of a negative, lemonade from lemons.

The story starts with yiayia, a Greek grandmother who shares food over the fence with her neighbours. This all takes place in the suburbs of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Her neighbours are brothers who live in the house next door.

I only got few paragraphs into the story before I headed straight to instagram to follow and check out the page, which is called yiayianextdoor. As the article promised their are posts and videos of scrumptious food being passed over the fence and you don’t ever see anybodys face. One of the first posts I looked at was a pot of soup being passed over and it seems that Friday is soup day! It was a Greek lentil soup. I wanted the recipe straight away so I headed into the comments section. I was not dissapointed as someone else had asked and another person had responded kindly with the full recipe for Fakes Soupa (pronounced F*@# another commenter informed everybody) I’m definitly trying the recipe soon.

Further in, you will find out that the story of the neighbours is made so much more beautiful and heartwarming by the tragedy that preceded it. I’ll link the original article in this post. The brothers plan to use the platform to raise funds for women’s shelters and other charities. This kind of story really does restore my faith in people, and confirms to me that there is a lot of good in the world. xo


A recipe I found Fakes 🙂


Wishing you a happy weekend! xo.

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