#151 Yay! It’s the weekend already!

Yes, it’s Friday night and I’m sipping on a cold tea infusion just loving life! I am feeling supremely happy and I’m grateful for all the goodness and love in my life 🙂 I have Major Depressive Mood Disorder and Anxiety, I know wonderful mix 😉 I don’t take anything good for granted and love to be happy and positive. Obviously I have times when that is more of a struggle, but who doesn’t? I like being open and honest about things, not to get attention or as some kind of badge of honour, but more to reduce stigma around mental illness because that is important. It’s important to me because I hope that one day anybody who is struggling will, without hesitation, seek professional help. We go to the GP when we are feeling unwell and it would be great if people did the same when they are struggling mentally, with no reservations. It amazes me how many people have mental illness and yet, it still isn’t spoken about openly. Anyway I didn’t plan on writing about that, but as you know, for better or worse, I don’t plan this out.

Im so excited because in the morning, I’m going out with my second eldest. We are going to have breakfast and then go for a look around Target. She’s searching for some sheer curtains for her room. I’m going to hunt around in Aldi for the emamel cast iron cookware and British Foods that they have as their special buys tommorow. Branston Pickle here I come. I also need to go and have a look on the thrift shop for something to wear to a formal event I’m attending in June. I’m really looking forward to it. I may even find a slowcooker as mine has finally died after forever. The insert has a non stick coating which is now flaking off. Not good. Have a happy friday night! xo.

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