#152 Mish Mash

Today has been so good 🙂 We went off this morning on our adventure to the big shops. We found the sheer drapes/curtains and I got a new lipstick and a new mascara. I generally tend to wear the same lipstick all of the time so I don’t have many at all. I’m excited about trying the new mascara as it has this really cool silicone applicator. It’s the most unusual one I’ve ever seen. All the make up was fifty percent off, awesome as I love a bargain. I checked out some new slow cookers as there were none in the thrift shop. However, I can’t help going back to the idea of a multicooker that can be used as a slow cooker as well as a pressure cooker and all manner of things, rather than a stand alone slowcooker. I mean I was going to try and get an Instant pot for my birthday at the begginning of the year but the postage costs from America to Australia are mind bogglingly high, so I never went through with it. In Target they had a phillips Multicooker which looked the business. It’s two hundred dollars though, so I’ll save up and maybe I’ll mnage to get it when they have a sale. I had my car cleaned, I usually do this myself but I’ve been saving up for ages to get it done. A strange treat for myself but hey I’m happy.

We enjoyed some breakfast together and just chatted away. When we got home and got settled the kids and I started watching the umbrella Academy on Netflix and I am hooked. Forgot to mention we did go into Aldi and I got some British treats, including some small chunk Branston pickle. I’m going to have that in a cheese and onion sandwhich for lunch tommorow. We grabbed all our fruit and veg for the week too, along with some Tunnocks Tea Cakes for the family to try. And now I’m going to have leftover chicken curry and rice with some dahl for dinner. Then onto the couch for some more Umbrella Academy! Wishing you the best weekend. xo

I forgot to mention I’ve been listening to lots of music and today I found this song which I love. xo

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