#159 Winter :)

Technically, winter arrived on the first of March. Honestly though, last week was quite mild and still sunny and warm during the day here in Perth. However, the last two days, it has all changed! Majesty winter has finally and properly arrived! I am loving the windy, cold storminess of it all.

We just manged to get out for a walk late yesterday afternoon with Benson (our dog) our kids and a neighbours kid, before the weather took a more dramatic turn. The kids had bought some grabbers from a discount shop, with the plan of collecting litter from the parks and around the ponds where we live. They brought garbage bags and had a great time collecting all sorts of rubbish to be disposed of in our bins. For them this was just a fun idea they came up with. They do this every so often with no instigating from me. I’m proud that they care about their environment and the ducks and yabbies and little fish that live in the ponds. It’s cool that they enjoy being of service to their community because it’s a fun thing to do 🙂

It’s Saturday night and I have Netflix session ahead. We are watching the last episode of The Umbrella Academy. It’s been such a great show to watch. Hope your Saturday night is happy. xo

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