#169 Nothing to see here.

I remember last year joking about making myself a t-shirt proclaiming “Gordon is Life” on the front. It was during a time when I was watching Gordon Ramsay videos on YouTube with my kids and also alone. I watched numereous episodes of Hotel Hell and Kitchen Nightmares, peppered with episodes of Hell’s Kitchen too. As the kids are saying currently, at the time Gordon for me, was a whole mood 😉

For the last two evenings, I have been watching a Gordon show that I never even knew existed. It’s called Gordon Behind Bars. I believe it aired in 2012 originally and The Bad Boys Bakery busisness he started during the six month period with people incarcerated in HM Brixton Prison in London, is still an active and successful business now. How great is that!

After a little research, I also found out that there is now also a restaurant called Clink in the prison. All the food is prepared by people currently serving sentences and is open to the public. Antonio Carluccio and Georgio Locatelli, two other world reknowned chefs, have been involved with that project and the training of the inmates. Many of those trained walk away with new skills and formal qualifications that enable them to have a better life when they are releaesed. By all accounts these programs have been a great success on various levels and numbers associated with reoffending have diminished.

As I was watching Gordon Behind Bars, I really became invested in the journeys and success of not only the project but of the people themselves. I wanted them to be successful in every way. I wanted those who struggled with addiction to overcome it. I wanted them to have a good life. Mostly I wanted them to want a better life, and I wanted them to believe in themselves enough to know they are worthy of, and deserving of a better life. I think Gordon Ramsay is quite an amazing human being for giving back the way he did through this project. Watching it made me feel emotional and it made me want to do good too. Once again, I feel the need to wear a t-shirt that states “Gordon is Life” because he just is 🙂


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