#175 List of Things

I would say that currently on my list of things I want to do, that going on a cruise is #2.

I don’t know where to, or for how long, or even when really. It’s sort of a hypothetical list, an imaginary list, meaning I haven’t actually written the list out. That’s a bit unusual for me because I’m quite an avid a list maker.

I’ve wanted to go on a cruise liner since I was a kid. It’s similar to another dream I had as a kid growing up in London. I would see television advertisements for Trust House Forty Hotels and I would imagine going and staying at one. Amazingly, when we were leaving England to emigrate to Australia, one of our flights got cancelled and the airline provided accommodation for all the passengers. Unbelievably, they gave us lovely accommodation at my then dream hotel, Trust House Forty đŸ™‚ I think that’s what they were called anyway.

So the cruise, is like that. I don’t have any firm plans in place and yet I know it’s possible. So I enjoy looking at websites all about various cruises, every now and again. The possibilities give me a happy buzz. xo

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