#176 Being Seen

Creative Fiction Part 1.

Trying something new 🙂 Not sure where it will lead. xo


He saw her first. She was busy saying hello to people and situating herself mentally. While finding where to place the antipasto platter she had brought along to the party, and simultaneously worrying that some of the juices had found there way onto her shorts, she inwardly prepared herself to enjoy the festivities. She always felt more than slightly awkward when she found herself in social settings. This time was no different. She busied herself with finding some thing in her bag and gave herself a quick spritz of perfume and a coat of lip balm, before plonking her bag on the lounge, along with numerous others.

He noticed her as soon as she walked in. Something shifted inside him, like the jolt from a defibrillator. Like a smack to the face. He knew he was looking at her like she was food, and he was a starving man. That was okay, because she hadn’t noticed him yet. He wasn’t a creepy guy, by any means and gave himself mental slap and short pep talk. He knew one thing, he had to have her, he wanted to be her everything. What the hell was happening to him? This was a first.

He seriously needed to get a grip before he went anywhere near her. He really did not want her to think he was a flake. He wasn’t inexperienced with women at all, but he knew this was more than lust alone. He’d taken in every detail of her, every item of clothing and how she wore her hair. That smile and every single facial expression. He could only imagine how she would smell. Mental slap number two came hard and fast.

“See something you like eh?” His friend Marshall was always up for a good time and enjoyed nothing more than turning everything into a competition. It was like an obsession with the guy. “I don’t blame you man, she is more than fine.” He felt the heat of anger flare in the pit of his belly. He decided he better play it cool, because if Marshall knew he had more than a passing interest in this woman, he would start behaving like Casanova and turn this into some kind of game. She was too important for that.



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