#180 Ball Gowns & Thrift

Today was spent Ball gown shopping with my daughter. It was lots of fun and so wonderful to see her trying on a myriad of gowns. The gown of choice is absolutely stunning and she looks so happy and gorgeous wearing it. It was a little long so we took it to the seamstress to take it up for her. This will be her first ball and I’m really excited for her πŸ™‚ I know she will have lots of fun with her friends.

On our way to go ball gown shopping we stopped in at the thrift shop and I got a lovely crochet table cloth for my table. Me Notebook has been fixing my old table and I’m pretty excited about it πŸ™‚

I also found a lovely piece of ceramic ware and the cutest little casserole dish, which is marked as being made in Mexico. We also had fun looking at the vinyl albums and marveling at the obscure Titles and cover art too. We had a few bags of donations to drop in too. It was a good day and lovely to get home and just relax in front of the cozy heater. Hope your cozy and happy too. xo

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