#171 Gordon Bingeing

Today has been so full. Mostly good things. Unfortunately I have been given another medication to take. I suppose I could look at it as being fortunate because it’s necessary to prevent another visit from Randy, you remember Randy? The name I gave to the stroke I had in November 2018? Well anyway that’s the…

#170 Sweet Dreams

All I can think about is going to sleep. I’m definitely low on energy and it seems Mama’s advice of taking a multivitamin everyday is not helping 😉 Of course, I won’t be mentioning that to her 🙂 Hopefully your corner of the world is safe and peaceful. xo

#169 Nothing to see here.

I remember last year joking about making myself a t-shirt proclaiming “Gordon is Life” on the front. It was during a time when I was watching Gordon Ramsay videos on YouTube with my kids and also alone. I watched numereous episodes of Hotel Hell and Kitchen Nightmares, peppered with episodes of Hell’s Kitchen too. As…

#168 Things I want to do…

I’ve never had a bucket list and I don’t really like bucket as the name of my own personal list, because I don’t like the sound of it. Anyway for me it’s more of a collection of experiences I’d like to have during my life. Yes, yes I know it’s the same thing as having…

#167 Feeling Peaky

Time for an early night. Feeling exhausted. It’s easy to forget to take care of myself by taking myself for granted. I started a new book so I’ll spend some time reading 🙂

#166 The Weir

We went for a drive into the hills to visit Mundaring Weir. It was nice to get out of suburbia and into the bush to be surrounded by trees and green rolling hills. We even saw some kangaroos wandering around. We had some ice cream and even enjoyed the drive. It’s nice to do something…

#165 Cats

As I’ve expressed before, I love cats. I mean I love my dog too of course! But this post is about appreciating the gift that cats are to human existence. I’m so grateful for them in my life. xo

#164 Therapy

Therapy is definitely a good thing. It gives you someone to talk with about all your issues and they aren’t emotionally connected to you. Add to that, they usually have some great tools that can help you through any difficulties you may be having. That’s always a good thing. xo

#163 Early Night

Honestly just need to get some sleep and so I’m heading to bed early. xo

#162 Pet Shop Kids

We went for a visit to one of the local pet shops to lay by a new house for Hank. Who is Hank? I hear you ask! Hank is a solitary Crazy Crab living in house of many cats, fish and a dog. He is the newest addition to our menagerie, and like all our…