#182 Enjoying Life

Sometimes the obstacles we perceive, only exist in our minds. When I pose the question to myself, “what is preventing you from enjoying life?” The answer is nothing!

A conscious and conscientious effort must be made to realise that most of the worry I engage in is based on fear. A life based on fear could not be one of happiness. Searching for the root cause of the fear is usually shows that it is unfounded. So why are there times I return to this unhappy way of being? Is it habitual? I know for certain that it is possible to unlearn this habit. I also know that it takes time and effort. It also becomes easier the more I do it.

Remember those t-shirts that had CHOOSE LIFE emblazoned across the front in neon hues? Well I choose to enjoy life ❤️ because I can and because I want for my family to have maximum joy! MrNotebook once asked me if worrying about something changed anything? My answer of course, was no. It’s true and it gives me comfort and resolve to operate from a place of peace rather than fear. I hope you are happy too. xo

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  1. “Sometimes the obstacles we perceive, only exist in our minds.” So true, can take a positive spin on any situation, just takes a little guts.

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