#193 Killer Cooking.

Today I have been perusing the pages of The Little French Cookbook that I borrowed from the library. It’s a lovely little book full of information and classic french recipes.

Most of my cookbooks are still in boxes in the garage because I need more bookshelves and I honestly thought we’d move twelve months after leasing the house we are currently calling home. It’s now our third year in this house 😉

Many of my pots and pans are still packed in boxes. It’s funny that it’s taken this long for me to be getting desperate to see them again. Okay exploring this book led me to my favorite place, you guessed it! YouTube!!

During my french recipe researching endeavours, I remembered I had been watching some true crime videos during the week, and found myself searching for prision recipes. If you didn’t know, prison recipes are a whole genre of food. Can you have a genre of food? I don’t know.

Born out of the neccesity to have some interest and diversity in prison gastronomy, people have come up with all sorts of recipes using items they purchase from the commissary. There are even recipe books! It’s quite interesting to see how various ingredients are used. Here is a link to one of my favorite YouTube creators, and one of her Prison Food videos. xo

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