#194 A Mary Jane Quest.

Today I went into the city on the train with my Daughter. We went to Taka’s Kitchen, our best-loved Japanese restaurant for lunch. Our order is usually the same, one chicken ramen and one small ginger pork and whatever we are drinking. Today we got a side order of samosas, unusual fare in a Japanese restaurant I know, but they are delicious and I love samosas! Lunch was the main purpose of our outing and just enjoying each others company. I had thought that we could search for shoes to go with her ball gown, so once our bellies were full, off we went.

She fell in love with the most gorgeous Mary Jane shoes. They have a heel but it’s more of a block heel. They are classic shoe and will never date style wise. They reminded me of all the Mary June shoes I have had over the years, from the crepe soled red ones I had as a little girl, to the patent leather mid heeled ones I owned as a twenty year old. Her face lit up when she tried them on and walked about. Her happiness gave me joy. xo

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