#195 Walking.

Sunday slipped by me. I went for quite a long walk in the morning. It was lovely just walking and listening to some favourite tunes through my headphones. There were plenty of birds, and while it was cold the sun was shining quite brightly. During the crescendo of a song, a brightly coloured Twenty Eight swooped down in front of me and then headed back up into the trees. It was one of those special moments where the timing was perfection.

In the afternoon we went to the movies to see Toy Story 4. It was really good and the whole family enjoyed it. The cinema we got to has these amazing cushioned, reclining seats. So comfy 🙂

Today is Monday and it’s been a nice day. We went to the library and picked up some music CD’s we reserved and we got some DVD’s too and some books too. Libraries are all kinds of awesome! We watched Arthurs Christmas together and snuggled on the lounge. It’s one of my youngest sons best-loved films. He actually fell asleep curled up next to me. So sweet. I made a risotto for lunch. I used the Thermomix and it was quick and easy and really delicious. I am grateful for the time I spend with my family. I hope you are happy and well, wherever in the world you are. xo

Mini Fizz & Stimpy 🙂

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