#202 A Favourite Revisited.

I had a sweet sleep in. Such a glorious way to ease into a new day. I know we have a house inspection on Wednesday morning so I decided to start on some deep cleaning today to make things easier. I’ll do a bit more tommorow. Decieded to make Mr Notebooks favourite Italian chicken meatballs for dinner. The recipe calls for a chilli and I usually just use a fairly mild red chilli. He decided he would like one of his Caroliner Reaper chillies instead. I was a little sceptical about this as they are super hot! They do have a nice flavour but man they are hot. Anyway I went ahead with the reaper and added it to my minced chicken breast and other ingredients. It came out very tasty and while the meatballs definitley had some fire, it wasnt completely unbearable for me because I quite like spicy food. Some of the kids happily ate it and the rest had favourites of their own for dinner, so everyone was happy šŸ™‚

My meatballs simmering away šŸ™‚

This is the recipe I use and it is delicious! I use all chicken breast, about 1kg and adjust other ingredients for this amount.

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