#209 Sunday Surprise!

Today has been the best day! I was having a sleep in and my youngest who was sleeping by my said “what’s that?” I replied half asleep, that I didn’t know. Then my bedroom door got pushed open and through my half closed eye’s I saw my Mama!!! I said “Ma! what…what are you doing here” I was couldn’t have been more freaked out. I’m so happy my Mama is here!

We had a trip to the recycling shop at our local Landfill site planned and we all went together it was great. I always find something cool. Today it was a few glasses and an old glass vase that I’m going to use as a planter. We also picked up a very nice rectangular planter for $15. After lunch Mama and myself and one of the kids went to Bunnings which is a hardware shop that has everything. I got some beautiful succulents and a bowl and little mirror pieces to put onto of the soil once I plant them. I’ll do that tomorrow morning 🙂

We went to grab some groceries and we went bed shopping for my eldest. Mama cooked a lovely curry for dinner and it was so good! What a day. We all watched a movie this evening, it’s titled Seven Pounds starring Will Smith and that was awesome too. I hope you had a wonderful Sunday too. xo

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