#213 Evening Drive

Last night we went for an evening drive. Mr Notebook had to drop off some keys and thought it might be nice if we went together.

So most of us bundled into the car, others stayed home, which is quite alright because our eldest is an adult.

It was quite a drive and through some really lovely older suburbs close to the city. I always enjoy looking at the old houses with their lights glowing from within. I love to imagine who lives there and what they might be doing. It’s fanciful and it gives me this nice peaceful feeling, knowing that there are other people all living a life at the same time. Maybe wistful is a more accurate word for the emotion it evokes from me?

We had to drive through the city and all the buildings and cars with there lights shining and blinking, make it all look so magical. It was a lovely thing to do together. xo

A castle made from Magna Tiles. Made by some of the kids 🙂

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