#217 Down the Rabbit Hole

I’m happy learning about the history of food at the moment. It’s been a particular interest of mine for quite a few years. It began with learning about how people cooked and managed food wise during the Second World War. I learned all about rationing and how people made do by improvising as well as growing whatever food they could. That lead me to cooking during other times of scarcity, such as during the depression.

Right now I’m learning about cooking in the times of the Tudors. It’s fascinating. The ingredients, methods and how people managed to create such dishes without all the conveniences we enjoy in the present.

I came across a show, hosted by Clarissa Dickson of the Two Fat Ladies fame, where she was cooking from the oldest cookbook in England. The cookbook, called The Forme of Cury, was actually in the form of a scroll. It was written during the reign of Richard II.

Stay curious 🙂 xo

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