#226 Witchcraft and Surgery

One of my womb fruits (AKA children), has to have surgery in the near future. He may need two surgeries , but we will find that out a little later on. Knowing that you’re going to have surgery can be a scary thing, I have been busy thinking of ways to allay his fears. We have talked about what it will be like, as in having a pre-med to ease anxiety and the use of a special numbing cream to anaesthatise the skin prior to having a drip put in. What the surgeon and nurses will look like gowned up, and what it’s like in an operating theatre. He knows I will be right there by his side, holding his hand when he wakes up. He got to meet his surgeon which was great and she was very good at answering his questions. I suggested we watch some videos on YouTube that have been specially made for kids about going into hospital and what it’s like. He decided that would be a great idea, so we are doing that tonight. We are going to take special things into hospital so he feels comfortable and happy. I’ll be staying with him and all the family will come to visit each day too. So that’s that! I also have a date for when I have to go to hospital, that is in about three weeks time. I’m hoping my procedure will be done and dusted well before my son’s surgery date. Fingers crossed for timing ๐Ÿ˜‰

My daughter was standing next to me chatting and helping while I was cooking dinner. She asked me how I know what to put in without a recipe and said it was like witchcraft ๐Ÿ™‚ That made me feel pretty clever and special! I love the idea of cooking as some sort of sorcery or alchemy. It made me feel really good about what I was doing too. I feel so lucky to have my family. Feeling grateful. xo

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