#227 See Through

This morning one of the kids (I’m going to have make pseudonyms) was looking up frogs online because he’d seen a video where the creator was discussing how if you search frogs in Google this one happy looking frog will always show up in the results fairly early on. He tried it and there was the happy frog. I was sitting next to him after that and he was happily showing me all sorts of frogs, being careful to distinguish the toads, as he went along. We observed how they seem to have different facial expressions, some are really grumpy looking, while others appeared to be done with life 😉 Some seemed happy and content. There were amazing colourful frogs and ginormous toads.

Most interesting was the picture of the glass frog. It’s an almost transparent frog and it’s so incredible that you can see it’s insides! Weirdly, when I went onto Facebook today an article about invisible frogs turned up in my feed so I saved it to show to said kid later on 🙂 Invisible frogs are another name for glass frogs. Whatever you call them, they are amazing!

Another interesting discovery we made this week was ghost apples. They are apples formed out of ice in very cold climates. They reminded me of objects made out of crystal such as the ones by Swarovski Crystal. xo


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