#228 Home Late

Tonight I’m writing late as we were invited out to a friends place for dinner. Everybody had a lovely time. It’s the first time we have visited these new friends. We were all pretty excited about going.

Our kids had a new experience in saying grace before the meal that we all shared around the table. It was sweet and even though we aren’t religious ourselves, it was great to share in our friends culture and traditions.

All of the kids played and everybody talked and laughed. The evening just flowed along smoothly 🙂

I really admire my kids. They are just some of the nicest people I know. They are accepting of others and adapt well in new situations. It’s so awesome to see them chatting away and coming up with witty conversations and one liners. Such a good evening 🙂

I’m headed to my favourite place, bed. Happy weekend to you and yours. xo

A creation by TommyG 🙂 the youngest womb fruit 💜

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