#232 New challenges

As what turns out to be a cold virus sweeps through our house, everyone is still busy doing all sorts of things. From watching Netflix, to pc and video games, books and movies, you name it we are probably doing it šŸ™‚ None of this is unusual. Neither does it only happen when we are sick. When I was sorting out some things I came across a Sudoku puzzle book that I bought so long ago, that I can’t even recall when.

I decided to give it a whirl. At first I misunderstood the instructions. I know your thinking how could I when they are so simple?

Please believe me when I tell you that they were badly written. I found that out when so decided to buy an app to play the game and read their instructions, which were far more clear. In my defence, I did realise before I got the app that you can only have the numbers 1 through 9 across the horizontal and vertical squares that run the entire length of the whole grid, not just the 3 by 3 squares. Once I knew that I was set šŸ˜‰

I’m happy to say that the more I played the better I got and it’s a lot of fun. If you like looking for patterns and playing with numbers this is definitely for you. As you go a long you find so many methods to work out which numbers go where. It’s safe to say I’m hooked. xo

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