#236 Still sick 🤒

Mr Notebook has to go to work this morning and had left long before I got out of bed. I’d been up in the night with the youngest again who was really unwell. When I did get up I got showered and put on my pjs again. Feeling like crud doesn’t really do any justice as a description of how terrible I felt. On the plus side at least I’ll get better and so will everyone else. In the meantime it’s about alleviating symptoms and suffering and trying to take care of everyone and myself.

We didn’t know Mr Notebook was working until late yesterday, so I was a little disappointed. At least I’d done the shopping order and got a later delivery slot. It arrived at about 11am and the second eldest womb fruit helped me out with unloading and putting everything away, which was awesome. So nice when someone helps you out and you didn’t even ask for help 💕 I’m pretty lucky.

I did some cleaning early on but once that was done and the shopping was all put away, I was, as they say, cactus! Well they do in Australia anyway. So I spent my time, you guessed it, on YouTube, watching everything from cooking to documentaries about Royals and a couple of episodes of Australian Story. In the cooking department it was Jacques Pepin and Mary Berry. It must have piqued my appetite because Mr Notebook made me dinner and I ate it happily. Feeling grateful 💜

From a day at the park when we weren’t sick 🙂

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