#244 Finally

Today was brilliant! I’m feeling so much better 🙂 I just felt so good. I finally made the cinnamon scrolls I have been craving and they were pretty scrumptious. I got the recipe from the thermomix community website. Me being me, in my haste, forewent the usual reading through of the entire recipe and having done so, missed the bit that said to process the butter and flour to a sand like texture before adding the milk. I just put it all in and away I went. The results didn’t suffer from my mistake at all, and all was well 🙂

My cinnamon scrolls 😋

I also made and assembled a lasagne before lunch time so it would be ready to be put into the oven for dinner. I also had some garlic bread ready to go with it and I made a little salad too.

I go Mr Notebook to get the microwave down for me so I could give it a really good clean. The house is pretty clean and I feel ready for the week. Friday is the day I go into hospital for the heart procedure and I’m not feeling so nervous anymore. I just need to get some bloods done tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest and then I’m good to go. Mama will arrive on Thursday evening and I’ll probably get her to come with me on Friday and Mr Notebook can hang at home with the kids. Honestly, I’m just so grateful to be over the flu. Saturday some of the kids and I made a stack of sandwiches and headed into the city, with a friend to hand them out to anyone in need. We met some really nice people. We met a lady named Lynette who is homeless. We chatted for a bit after giving her sole sandwiches. What touched me the most was that she wanted to give me a box of green tea. I thanked her and said I’m all good for tea, but that I also enjoy green tea. She showed me the true meaning of generosity. To have such a big heart to want to share with me the little she has💜 When I think of all the people we met, living on the streets, I feel a little helpless. I try and think of ways I can help. Any little thing, even like getting some freshly made sandwiches and a smile and some conversation could make a persons day a little better. I’ve always wanted to make food and distribute it to people in need. It felt good to realise that desire. It felt good to be of use. I would love to have a food van one day, where I could provide meals for people. It’s only a dream at the moment. An old caravan could be converted maybe? I know I would need permits etc but I think it’s achievable. I’m thinking of volunteering so I can learn more about how it all works. An idea for another day. xo

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