#257 Jokes & Bread

One of my kids is very witty and is a master of puns. He comes up with jokes on the spot and they are always funny. He likes to be busy doing things most of the time and out of all of the kids, he enjoys going out the most. If he comes and tells me he’s bored, I always ask him if he wants to do something together, or if he’s looking for suggestions and we usually figure something out between us.

Yesterday he came to me and said he couldn’t think of anything to do and was feeling bored. At his request, I offered a few suggestions. One of those suggestions was that he could tell Mr Notebook and I a joke. He told a few and we all had a giggle. It was nice and he felt happy 😊

My youngest son enjoys me reading aloud to him sometimes. He enjoys books with wonderful illustrations. I do too. We were reading a book together called Nanette’s Baguette. Before I got to the first page he told me that a baguette is bread and it’s French. That was pretty cool and I wondered how and when he had come upon that knowledge. Tomorrow I’ll ask him and maybe he will remember, or maybe we’ll end up doing something else 💜

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