#262 Why are cats like this?

I love cats, you probably already know this because I often include pictures of them in my posts. We have five cats. All rescue cats, and we are responsible pet owners in that they are all registered and chipped and neutered. So they are happy and healthy. They live quite a nice life being doted upon by everybody in the house. Even the dog, Benson loves them.

Every morning when I get up, while the kids are still asleep, they all follow me into the kitchen while I get my coffee ready. Before I have coffee though, I get them some tinned food out. All five of them surround me every morning, like sentinel’s. I feel their eyes following my every move, and Stimpy, being the most vocal, starts convincing me that if he doesn’t get his tinned food he may die. All of our cats are dramatic to a degree, and while I know they each have their own personality traits, such as aloofness and arrogance, Stimpy is definitely the most dramatic.

Why is he like this? Who knows? He is the only male cat among four females and I would say the most spoilt and the largest. The following picture is him, situated on my desk as soon as I sat down to do some writing 😉 If you know any cats I’m sure you’ve experienced this particular behaviour and love them just as much as I do 🙂 I love my dog too, although I’m convinced he thinks he’s a cat! xo.

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