#264 Baking as a distraction

Baking is lovely. You get to be creative and end up with something delicious. If you need a distraction, I’m here to declare that it is a wonderful diversion. If you have all of the most often used ingredients in your pantry and an oven, or even a slow cooker, or an air fryer, or even one of those little toaster ovens, then you can bake! I forgot to mention microwave ovens, I haven’t baked in my microwave but I have read about it. Honeslty though, even if you don’t have everything, it’s highly probable that you can substitute other ingredients. See my ramble below to see what I mean 😉

I baked today a lovely Zebra cake, using Nadiya Hussain’s recipe from her book, Bake Me a Story, which I don’t own. I didn’t need a distraction today, I just wanted something to do 🙂 There was a video of her baking it on an English morning television programme, that I watched on YouTube of course, and there was a link to the recipe on the T.V channels website. I didn’t have any cocoa so I just used some drinking chocolate powder in it’s place and I didn’t have any white chocolate for the Zebra icing so I just made do with drinking chocolate powder and had a choc glaze which I sprinkled with some little chocolate topping things. It came out delicious! I also subbed orange essence in place of almond because well, it was what I had on hand. So here are some pictures and I’ll link the video I watched. xo

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