#265 Little Adventures Big Mistakes

Heading out of the house, to somewhere new is a welcome adventure. One thing I love about Mr Notebook is his knowledge of our local area. He spent his older childhood years here and knows of all sorts of places to go to. I like that many of them are near water. At about 3pm we all got into the car and took a drive to a destination uknown to all but Mr Notebook. We went through a drive through and picked up some snacks and ended up in a beautiful area on the foreshore of the Swan River. Even seeing the amazing houses, both old and new was interesting and we did a lot of oooooing and ahhhhing 😉 We wondered out loud about the people who lived here and what they did, or what their lives might be like. Sometimes we make up funny stories about the imaginary occupants. We got out of the car and wandered around on the sand and on the grass. We saw some amazing plants that e’ve never seen before. The kids found a crab on the river bank and watched people windsurfing. There were people with and without dogs, some of which were very entertaing. One puppy in particular was so joyously chasing the seagulls that I couldn’t help but laugh. The view took in the whole panorama of the city skyline in the background and even though it was a Sunday afternoon, the place wasn’t over crowded at all. Some of the kids paddled and explored. I took my little Polaroid Instax camera and we took turns taking some pictures. It was lovely.

Now to the big mistakes part of my post. I’m a big talker, meaning I love having conversations. I know there is nothing wrong with that. I realise that sometimes I’m not as a good a listener as I could be. It’s not that I don’t listen, I do. The problem is, that I can see that I need to be a more active listener. I need to work on not talking so much sometimes, and listening more. My listening needs to be attentive. Every person needs to feel heard and being heard makes human connection richer. Connection is integral to our health and wellbeing. Relationships, especially those with the people I love, are very important to me. I have come to the realisation that if I make a conscientuious effort to be a better listener, that my relationships will be richer and the connections more meaningful. What could be better than that 🙂

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