#274 Sausages

For times when money is scarce and I’m meal planning, shopping from my pantry and freezer, I always think of sausages. Then comes potatoes, pasta, rice, lentils, onions, minced beef. I start looking up recipes featuring sausages. Why you ask? Well, because they are cheap and adaptable. I usually end up looking at recipes for curried sausages. I had never heard of anyone currying sausages until I came to live in Australia as a child. The first time I had them was at a friends house. In this particular version, sultanas and apple were also sprinkled through the mix. My mind was a little blown 😉 I went home and told my mum all about it.

I grew up eating a huge variety of foods, from curries to toad in the hole and roast dinners with all the trimmings, Dahl and rice, Coq AuVin and more. Mama is a great cook and I spent a lot of time with my nana and she was always cooking. There are recipes of my nana’s that I try to replicate from memory because they were never written down. Sometimes I’m successful 🙂

Being fortunate enough to learn how to cook as I grew up, allows me to recognise how it is a valuable skill for life. Even if you didn’t have the opportunity to learn but would like to, you can source videos like the one below, or books from the library, or even free community courses and learn in any number of ways. Whenever I talk to a friend on the phone or via text messages, it’s guaranteed that we will discuss food 🙂 From recipes, to ingredients and methods, a book recommendation, whatever it may be. We share ideas and I love it so much.

When times are tight, I look at what I have and what I can add through a budget shop that will enable me to keep my family well fed and happy. It also reminds me of the importance of food banks and community co-op shops. When times are good I donate whenever and whatever I can. None of us can predict the possibility of falling on hard times, so it makes sense and feels great to give what you can, when you can. xo

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