#276 Grapples and Bird Repellant.

As you know I love youtube. Today in my explorations, I saw a thumbnail that grabbed my attention. It conveyed to me that there exist apples that taste and smell like grapes!! What?!! I love apples already and this just sounded unbelievable. So my curiosity was piqued, I clicked the link and proceeded to watch. Initially it was the idea of possibly, ever, trying one of these Grapples and surprising my kids with some. However, as I watched and listened, I got so much more from the story. Unfortunately, because I live in Australia, I doubt that I will ever get to taste one. That’s okay because it’s pretty cool just knowing they are out there 🙂 I’ll link the video below for your viewing pleasure. xo

p.s Who knew that bird repellant tastes and smells like grape!!

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