#277 Sorting it Out.

Over the last two days I have been organising paperwork and trying to file all the bits and pieces that seemed to have gathered in and around my desk area. Yesterday was just little bits and pieces but if felt quite a lot. Then today was like a behemoth effort. I ended up with a huge garbage bag full of paper to empty into the recycling bin.

I spent quite some time sat on the floor surrounded by paper and folders and all kinds of stuff. I was mostly wondering how I ended up with it all. Every now and again I would find something sentimental and hold it up while giving some anecdotal commentary about it, to whom ever happened to be nearby. One of the kids asked me why I keep things like that? To which, I answered that the item gave me a happy feeling in my heart. He had a giggle and told me a hoarder 😉 I prefer to liken myself to a magpie that likes to collect shiny objects. I like to collect things that give me happy feelings.

My daughter arrived back home after an outing with friends and I proudly informed her of my accomplishment. She said, “and mum it looks exactly the same.” The boys thought that was pretty hilarious. I objected, quite theatrically of course, because it is much tidier and all the papers are filed in their respective folders. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow I’ll tackle my filing cabinet 🙂

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