#280 Not being glum.

I’ve been a bit flat today. Don’t know why. Anyway I’m not going to dwell on that, it’s just a little superfluous information 🙂 I was looking up recipes for ideas to use up leftover roast pork and in my search I headed to the wonderland that is Youtube (you already know it’s one of my favourite places) and watched some different people cooking their recipes and sharing ideas. It got me thinking about how I learn. Yes again. There are so many ways to learn about so many things. I like to observe how my kids learn too. They all have their own preferences and they are all really great learners. I try to be helpful to them by providing resources, opportunities, sharing things with them that I think they might find interesting or funny. I also do my best to ensure their human needs are fulfilled. A soft, cozy bed, movies, games, art supplies, kindness, love, food they enjoy, music, human touch and a safe and stable environment from which to explore the world in a myriad ways. The wonderful thing about learning is how it is unique to each individual. For me the optimal time to learn something is when I need to, or have the desire to learn about it. That is to say, I am internally motivated to learn about it. Now I’m off to watch Peaky Blinders Season 5 on Netflix and maybe I’ll do some more recipe searching online. I was looking at cookbooks people have for sale on Facebook Marketplace earlier and came across a book that was published in 1973 called My Fun to Cook Book by Ursula Sedgwick. I recognised it straight away because my sister had a copy when we were kids and I remember her cooking things from it and the illustrations. They were sweet memories. Maybe for $5 it would be a good buy and I could show it to my kids and see what they think of it? xo

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