#301 Recipe Hunting

This evening I have been searching for a recipe for fish curry. Fish is something I shy away from cooking and because of that, I lack experience in both selecting fish fish and preparing it. Don’t get me wrong, I have pan fried delicious skinless salmon fillets and I’m good at preparing and cooking prawns and other crustacea, it’s fresh fish that’s the issue. I see great short recipes for baking fish in parcels in the supermarket but I’m put off because not everyone in the house will be up for that 😉 That’s ok too! Salmon is very expensive and therefore only a special occasion treat, though I love it both fresh and smoked.

All this thinking about fish and how to try my hand at preparing it, causes me to remember my nana cooking delicious fish curry. She would have the fish in cutlets and rub them with spices before frying them. At that stage the fish was already delicious. She would add that fish to yummy curry base and voila it was ready to eat with some rice and chapatis 🙂 Yum. My mama also does

this, I am yet to try. The first thing is which type of fish to use? You want a firm fleshed white fish fillet that you can cut into pieces. Fresh fish is the best option, I’ve discerned that much, but which type of fish? I definitely don’t want any skin on the fish. So clearly I have more research ahead of me. Wish me luck 🙂 and when I get around to making it, I will definitely remember to take pictures 🙂

For this evening, I have a picture of a jigsaw puzzle a couple of womb fruits did today. xo

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