#310 Breaking Bread

Today I decided to play with my bread machine, the one I scored at the thrift shop. I was waiting for my second eldest to finish getting ready before we headed out to complete her application for a tax file number. She is so excited because she got her first job! I’m excited for her too and proud as always 🙂 Anyway I was done cleaning up the kitchen and thought I had at least five or ten minutes to spare.

I got out the bag of organic spelt flour that I got for free. Yes, you read that correctly 🙂 A while ago I became a product tester for Woolworths. It’s pretty awesome. They send me details of products to sample, I activate the offer and pick it up when I’m in store. So long as I scan my store rewards card, the item scans for free. I really enjoy testing out different things, it’s fun and I get to write a review which I upload.

Anyway, it only took about five minutes and my bread was on it’s way to being ready in two hours. Bread machines are so great! The loaf that came out was really yummy and was almost gone by this evening. Safe to say, it was a success. xo

Strangely calming 🙂

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