#317 New to me :)

I’m so excited! Mr Notebook kindly went and picked up my online thrifted finds for me today 🙂 As I write, the dinky little 1970’s made Crock Pot is filled with the makings of oatmeal. It will be ready for breakfast 🙂 It’s so awesome and a sweet 1.8 litre size. It came with its original warranty and all other paper work in it’s original box. Also inside was the recipe booklet that came with it. How much better does it get? I mean seriously, I’m so impressed with it 🙂

I’m going to try as many of the recipes as I can over the next few months. Along with that came the little Zojirushi bread machine. I’m planning on making a loaf in the morning. What I find really interesting is that it has three texture settings, regular, firm and soft. I’m looking forward to trying them all. It also has a jam making function and like other bread machines will make a variety of doughs. It also has a cake function and a pasta dough making setting too. I think that if you can make jam in it then you must be able to make chutney or something like brinjal pickle, which has more of a chutney like texture than pickle, in it as well. The unit itself is in brand new condition and hasn’t been used at all! It’s so little and cute, even the little bread pan is sweet. I cannot wait to try it out and I’m definitely testing out the soft texture first 🙂 So much yum coming my way. I’m going to have honey in my porridge/oatmeal for breakfast. For now I’m going to give the crock pot recipe a thorough read through and add some meals to next weeks meal plan ideas. xo

New baby crock pot 🙂
Little bread machine 🙂

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